Spa-Goers Guidelines

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October 26, 2013
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Spa-Goers Guidelines

Spa-Goers Guidelines

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Relaxing Spa Etiquette

Everybody loves Spas. The smell of invigorating fragrance, the personal touches of the masseurs, the ho herbal tea after the treatment, the relaxing music and the gentle voices. Almost like a holiday even when its short time. Everybody is being pampered to the maximum level. Thanks to all the staffs and the spa resort! To give something in return, there are a few things the spa-goer must think about to guarantee the most peaceful experience possible. This Top Ten Etiquettes will assist and reveal what to expect for in a spa.

1. Book in advance. An advance reservation is your key to secure your favored date and time of treatment.

2. Be punctual. Regardless the treatment reserved, it is essential to be in time. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment, as spa treatments start precisely on time. Relaxation is among the benefits of a spa treatment, and it is necessary to take full advantage of your package. A late arrival might reduce the treatment length. Unnecessary time pressure ought to be avoided.

3. Inform your medical history. The therapist should be notified about injuries or physical conditions. Many health clubs provide private assessments with the therapist, which help to pick the ideal treatment. Visitors who have high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, are pregnant or have other medical problems are encouraged to consult their physician before booking any spa service.

4. Your choice to chit-chat. There is no pressure to talk or not to talk throughout a treatment. It’s entirely as much as the customer like to. Whether questions occur or it is chosen to enjoy the silence, the customer is welcome to delight in the treatment as preferred. The therapist is trained to read situations and body language of customers.

5. Don’t be so shy. The client ought to not be humiliated to let the therapist find out about her requirements. If, for example, a massage is given and the pressure has to be changed let the therapist know. It will guarantee that the client receives the very best possible massage. This goes for other treatments too. In general, the therapist has the interest to create the best possible experience with the client.

6. Welcoming gestures. In the majority of health clubs, a welcome drink and towel will be offered at the time of arrival. Nevertheless, it’s recommended not to eat or consume too much before a spa treatment. The most day spas restrict smoking and consumption of alcohol. It is recommended to prevent alcohol instantly before and after the spa treatments. Arrive eaten an hour before, neither starving nor full. Visiting a bathroom before the treatment begins may assist. Irritations or breaks throughout the treatments will interrupt the experience.

7. Shave. In case a client had delicate skin and reserved a body treatment, it is recommended to shave the day before the treatment takes some time, not on the day of the treatment, to avoid skin irritations. After all, should the spa go to be taken pleasure in and not worried about.

woman after shaving cream

woman after shaving cream

8. Bling it down. Bring as less jewelry as possible, though the most medspas supply fashion jewelry boxes. The most health spas do decline duty for the loss of money or belongings of any kind brought onto the spa premises.

9. Relax the day away. Spa treatments might be scheduled for the afternoon or at the weekend, but not before tiring activities. The sensation of relaxation will last. It would be unfortunate when you have to ruin the well-treated muscles and experience if you stretch your muscles.

Here is an example of very relaxing voice of a masseur:

10. Double confirm your booking. Inform yourself about the cancellation policies. Some medical spas charge cancellation fees for visits canceled within 24 hours before the treatment starts.


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